Communications Board

Communications Board facilitates outreach to prospective student authors and members. For questions, contact Anisha Daga. 

Communications Chair


Anisha is a sophomore from Indiana University majoring in Media Advertising and minoring in business. In addition to working on the communication board for IUJUR, Anisha enjoys writing, trying new food, and is a huge dark chocolate enthusiast. After graduation, she hopes to work in New York City and continue to spread positivity.

Eric is a Sophomore from Crown Point, Indiana and is pursuing a major in Microbiology as well as a business management certificate with the LAMP program. He is currently conducting research under Dr. Malcolm Winkler, who specializes in antibiotic resistance and peptidoglycan synthesis of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Eric is also a member of Timmy Global Health and the Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity. 

Isaac is a freshman from Indianapolis. He is exploratory, with interest in political science, Arabic, environmental science, and international studies. Besides working with the journal, he loves to conduct his own research and play the piano.

Joshua is a junior at IU studying biology and public health and hopes to pursue a career in public health and/or administration. He has previously worked in the Tennessen research lab, and is also actively involved with Alpha Chi Sigma and Union Board. Along with science, he is equally passionate about bubble tea and traveling.

Neha is a freshman from Brownsburg, Indiana studying neuroscience. She currently conducts research in Dr. Dan Tracey's lab, using optogenetics on drosophila nociception. She also serves as an executive chair in Forest student government, the fundraising chair for Hutton Honors IUDM, and is an active member of Circle K International. Neha also enjoys playing tennis and going on brownie runs to Rainbow Bakery.

Rushvi is a senior majoring in microbiology, while conducting research on endophytes in Phragmites australis in Dr. Clay’s lab. She loves working with children in hospitals and is also a part of College Mentors for Kids. She enjoys running, intensive PiYo, comedy shows, and (of course) pizza.

Sachin is a junior from Evansville, IN majoring in Biology. He is currently in the Brun Lab, a microbiology lab focusing of bacterial adhesion and evolution. 

Sierra is a Cox Research Scholar from Jeffersonville, Indiana double majoring in Political Science and International Studies on the Pre-Law track. She conducts reserach with Professor Bianco researching the relationship between constituents and their representatives in Congress, is in the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International and has a passion for all things law and politics.