Technology Board

The IT board maintains IUJUR's digital presence and manages the website. For all inquiries (about the website or otherwise), email Mac Vogelsang.

IT Board Chair


Mac is a sophomore studying cognitive science, computer science, and math. His college career revolves around research, academics, and fun side projects (like the development of this website). He's addicted to learning and fascinated by so many things to the point where it's unhealthy. The research lab that he's in studies how fingerprints are analyzed and compared in the field of forensics. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding this website to him. 

Jiawei Chen is a freshman from Greenwood, Indiana majoring in Computer Science. Outside of his studies, he enjoys app development and electronics, along with playing piano.

Eman is a junior from Indianapolis, studying computer science and journalism. She's into reporting, data, facts, and making things work. She also plans to take singing lessons this year. She doesn't do research yet, but plans to start a project soon.