Faculty Advisory Board

Become a part of FAB

An important part of creating and sustaining a successful research journal is the participation of faculty experts who are actively pursuing and progressing research in their respective fields. The IU Journal of Undergraduate Research integrates a Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) into the selection and editing process to help achieve a comprehensive review of all submissions and create a medium through which students can learn the proper techniques involved in professional writing.

The FAB consists of faculty from all four major areas of study: natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and professional schools. We strive to match our submissions with the particular expertise of the FAB.

After initial scoring of submissions by the Student Editorial Board (SEB), members of the FAB will receive up to three of the highest-rated submissions within their respective fields of expertise. Faculty members will then review the submitted materials to comment on the validity and relevance of content, as well as the overall quality of the author’s writing. Ultimately, the faculty will recommend whether or not the submission should be published as either a full-length article or abstract. Taking into consideration faculty feedback, the SEB will then select the final articles for publication.

Selected student authors will be paired with specific SEB editors to further review and edit submissions. Student editors may approach members of the FAB for additional advice and guidance throughout the review process.

Ultimately, a world-class Faculty Advisory Board is crucial to enriching the experiences of student authors and editors, and maintaining the credibility and prestige of the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research.

If you are interested in joining the Faculty Advisory Board and serving as an invaluable part of our goal to promote and recognize undergraduate research on campus, or if you would like more information regarding the organization please contact us at: iujur@indiana.edu.