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The Applied Sciences had a wide range of submissions for Volume I of the Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research. Our standout submissions include: “The Experience of Completing an Undergraduate Nursing Honors Research Project on the First Professional Nursing Position” by Katlyn Antior and Ashley Pugh, a project that examined the impact undergraduate research experience had on practicing registered nurses; Weight-Related Lifestyle Behaviors and Attitudes in High School and College Students” by Roshni Dhoot, a study that determined if there were detectable differences between behaviors of college students who were of a normal weight or overweight/obese; and “Part Consolidation for Additive Manufacturing Demonstrated in the Design of a 3D-Printed Harmonic Drive” by Carolina Cardona, a project that established an approach to use additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, to create a harmonic drive. Each of these submissions has distinct relevance to the future with the potential to influence university goals encouraging research, policy goals surrounding the health of citizens, and industrial techniques increasing the efficiency and decreasing the cost of production.

Research in the Applied Sciences may include the following areas:



Engineering and Technology

Global and International Studies

Informatics and Computer Science


Nursing and Medical Sciences

Public and Environmental Affairs

Public Health


Contact the applied sciences editorial board chair, Shahin Saberi, for any questions about submitting or conducting research in the applied sciences.