Natural Sciences

About the section

The Natural Sciences is a broad board that encompasses various disciplines, from the biological sciences to the theoretical realm of fields like physics and mathematics. While the board contains a diverse array of topics, a shared commonality among the works is the overarching use of the scientific method.  The scientific method is a guiding process, which all authors use to organize a methodology to investigate a question of interest and be able to support it with carefully examined data. Past submissions include full-length manuscripts ranging from topics like the biogeochemistry of a freshwater lake to construction of generalized integral formulas. Research snapshot submissions have contained a breadth of topics from bacterial endosymbiotic relationships to a bioinformatics analysis of RNA expression in plant development. The Natural Sciences covers a medley of topics that overall encourages us to actively inspect and understand the complex dynamical systems that exist in the universe.   

Generally, Natural Sciences research may include the following areas:


Biology and Biochemistry


Computer Science

Ecology and Evolution

Environmental Science


Medical Sciences




Contact the natural sciences editorial board chair for any questions about submitting or conducting research in the natural sciences.