Submitting: Step by Step

Submit Your Work

Current undergraduate students are eligible to submit any work completed during the course of their undergraduate career given that the work is consistent with our Rating Criteria and is structured as a full-length manuscript, research snapshot, or abstract. See Submission Options for more information

Step 1: Verify Faculty Sponsor

With the faculty sponsorship model, students can expand upon work that they have prepared for a course assignment and submit a research manuscript to be considered for publication.

The following steps must be completed and documented in order to establish a valid student author – faculty relationship:

  • The faculty sponsor provides comments to guide revisions.
  • The student completes three rounds of revisions to the paper and presents revised drafts of the manuscript to the faculty sponsor before submission to IUJUR.
  • The student discusses revisions made based on feedback received in office hours and through email.
    • While the student author and faculty sponsor must document two separate instances of communication related to manuscript revision, the student author must meet with the faculty sponsor at least once during office hours.

When these steps have been met, fill out the faculty verification form and send it in along with the student author contract.

Step 2: Student Author Contract

  • Obtain the necessary signature for the student author contract.
  • Email the completed contract to IUJUR with the subject: FirstInitialLastName - Student Author Contract

Step 3: Submission Guidelines

Check to make sure you have met all the requirements on the Submission Guidelines.

Step 4: Open Journal Systems

You will need to create an OJS account and register as an author. OJS is where you will be uploading your manuscript and all associated figures and metadata.

Submitting to OJS

Step 5: Creative Commons License

After being notified of your status, you will need to obtain a Creative Commons (CC) License.

What is CC Licensing?   IUJUR Licensing Guide