Submitting to IUJUR

Submissions are currently being accepted from all Indiana University campuses. We accept submissions in the form of full-length articles, research snapshots, or a literature reviews. See Submission Options for more information. Students from all fields are encouraged to submit their work, but publication in IUJUR is contingent on the relevance and quality of research as well as authors’ adherence to the provided guidelines

Students must be working with a faculty mentor in order to be considered for publication, and students with research in the humanities may be eligible to submit work nominated by a faculty sponsor. Before any work can be published, the student and faculty sponsor must complete and submit our Student Author Contract. See the Submitting: Step by Step page for the contract and more details.

Though IUJUR will not require exclusive rights to students’ research, students who plan to submit their work to outside journals should be aware of the journals’ policies on requiring exclusive rights to research.

Research may vary among fields, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the submission guidelines or rating criteria. 

Rolling Submission and Publication

IUJUR accepts submissions on a rolling basis. This means the sooner you submit an article, the sooner you can get published. Throughout the academic school year, our staff is reviewing papers, sending them to faculty and graduate student reviewers, and placing final manuscripts in our journal layout. We estimate that the full process from article submission to publication will take around two months, but the time may be longer depending on the amount of revisions required. As we are an undergraduate organization, you can expect this timeline to be delayed over university breaks, holidays, and finals weeks. Please submit at least two weeks before the start of finals week if you want review comments before the semester ends.

While we publish on a rolling basis, we are still an annual journal. This means that at the end of each year, we will volumize the latest articles into a full volume. This takes additional time, so if you want your article to make it into an upcoming volume, be sure to submit well in advance of our usual publication date in June. Full volumes will be printed in limited quantities and can be distributed to authors upon request.


Overview of the Entire Process

Step One

The author submits their manuscript and Student Author Contract to the Journal. They will get an email confirmation via Open Journal Systems.

Step Two

Within a few weeks, our Student Editorial Board (SEB) will review the submission. If changes are required, we will send back reviewer comments with the decision Revise and Resubmit.

Step Three

Some papers may receive minimal changes from SEB. In this case, the manuscript will be sent directly to faculty and graduate student reviewers without going back to the author first. 

Step Four

Within a few weeks, faculty and graduate student reviewers will respond with a decision, which we will subsequently send to the author (either Accept or Revise and Resubmit). 

Step Five

If an article is Accepted, our visual design and publishing team will place the article in our standard layout. This process may take a couple weeks, and our team will be in contact with the author(s) throughout to copy-edit and verify details for publication.

Step Six

The article is published open-access on IU ScholarWorks for all to see! Eventually, it will be grouped in a volume with other papers and printed in limited supply.

Get Published!