Submitting to IUJUR

The IU Journal of Undergraduate Research (IUJUR) accepts submissions in the form of a full-length article, a research snapshot, or a literature review. See Submission Options for more information. Students from all fields are encouraged to submit their work, but publication in IUJUR is contingent on the relevance and quality of research as well as authors’ adherence to the provided guidelines. Submissions are currently being accepted from all Indiana University campuses.

Students must be working with a faculty mentor in order to be considered for publication and the faculty member must provide permission via our Student Author Contract prior to submission. Students with research in the humanities may be eligible to submit work nominated by a faculty sponsor. Before any work can be published, the student and faculty sponsor must complete and submit a contract. See the Submitting: Step by Step page for more details.

Though IUJUR will not require exclusive rights to students’ research; students who plan to submit their work to outside journals should be aware of the journals’ policies on requiring exclusive rights to research.

Research may vary among fields, so please do not hesitate to contact uswith any questions about the submission guidelines or rating criteria. 

A brief overview of the entire process

Step One (February-March)

Student authors who submit their research by the priority deadline (recommended) will get detailed feedback and the opportunity to resubmit by the final deadline.

Step Two (April-May)

The Student Editorial Board (SEB) receives final deadline submissions and evaluates all submissions.

Step Three (June-August)

The Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) reviews the top rated papers and selects final papers ready for publication. 

Step Four (August-September)

SEB guides selected authors through the final edits of their papers.

Step Five (September)

Final papers receive approval from IUJUR executives and faculty advisors.

Step Six (November)

Selected papers are published online in ScholarWorks by November.

Our senior advisor Kaveet wants you to submit to IUJUR.

Priority deadline: February 23rd

Submissions for Volume V (September 2019) of the Journal are currently being accepted. The priority submission deadline will be February 23rd, 2019. Papers submitted by this deadline will receive detailed feedback from our student and faculty reviewers. The final deadline will be April 13th, 2019. Papers submitted by this deadline can only be accepted or rejected, and if rejected, authors will not be able to resubmit until the next publication cycle. Authors will be notified of their submission status on a rolling basis after the deadline.