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Volume VI


Editors-in-Chief: Stephanie Zhang & Abe Leite
Managing Editor: Jenny Zhao

Volume V

IUJUR Volume 5

Editors-in-Chief: Mac Vogelsang & Shahin Saberi
Managing Editor: Stephanie Zhang

Volume IV

IUJUR Volume 4

Editors-in-Chief: Kushal Shah and Kaveet Pandya
Managing Editor: Mac Vogelsang

Volume III

IUJUR Volume 3

Editors-in-Chief: Rayne Kim and Sonali Mali
Managing Editor: Kaveet Pandya

Volume II

Volume 2

Editors-in-Chief: Taylor Ballinger and Song Kim
Managing Editor: Rayne Kim

Volume I

Volume 1

Editors-in-Chief: Kristie Hsu and Janit Pandya
Managing Editors: Kishan Sangani and Nimisha Kumar