Submission Options

What can you submit to IUJUR?

The IU Journal of Undergraduate Research (IUJUR) accepts submissions in the form of a full-length article or research snapshot. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines for additional specifications.

Full-length Article

  • Often includes:
    • Introduction, Background, and Literature Review
    • Methods and materials (in fields where methodology is applicable)
    • Results (data as applicable)
    • Discussion and Broader Implications
    • Conclusion
  • The length is up to author discretion
  • APA style (Chicago if it is a Humanities submission)

Research Snapshot

  • Includes
    • Introduction, Background, and Extensive Literature Review
    • Identification of specific research question(s) and hypothesis/hypotheses
    • Proposed methods
      • A full methodology is not required for the research snapshot. However, an overview of applicable methods should be included to address research questions.
    • Expected results and possible conclusions
    • Intellectual merit and broader impact of the research
  • The length is up to author discretion
  • APA Style (Chicago if it is a Humanities submission)