Social Sciences

About the section

The Social Sciences study human society and the relationships within groups and individuals within society. Research in the Social Sciences uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to study the wide range of topics encompassed in this field. In the past, IUJUR articles within this category have included subjects such as the economics of acai production in the Amazon Rainforest, the effects of handwriting practice on letter knowledge, and the perceived criminality of illegal downloading compared to physical theft. Since a majority of research and creative activity often harnesses theories, ideas, and methods from multiple content areas, the classification of a particular research project into a content area is determined by the student author and faculty mentor in collaboration with the editorial staff. IUJUR encourages the submission of interdisciplinary or collaborative work and aims to categorize the work into the most appropriate content area.

Social Sciences research may include the following fields:


Criminal Justice


Foreign Language Studies

Gender Studies


Media Science

Political Science

Psychological and Brain Sciences



Contact the social sciences editorial board chair for any questions about submitting or conducting research in the social sciences.