Submitting: Step by Step

Submit Your Work

Current undergraduate students are eligible to submit any work completed during the course of their undergraduate career given that the work is consistent with our Rating Criteria and is structured as a full-length manuscript, literature review article, or research snapshot. See Submission Options for more information.

Step 1: Student-Faculty Contract

The Student-Faculty Contract form can be found here. Please fill it out and email it to with the subject: FirstInitialLastName - Student Author Contract.

Step 2: Submission Requirements

Check to make sure you have met all the requirements on the Submission Guidelines.

Step 3: Submitting Your Manuscript

You will need to create an OJS account and register as an author. OJS is where you will be uploading your manuscript and all associated figures and metadata. This step takes approximately 5 minutes. Click below for instructions:

Submitting to OJS

Once your submission is complete, we will email you within the next few days to confirm that we have received it. For further steps, we’ll be in touch!


Any Questions?

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